Meet The Makers

Flourish is an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, artisans, and values-driven businesses. Discover who they are and what they believe in!
US Sherpa
US Sherpa was founded in 2006 by Ongyel Sherpa. Born and raised in Nepal, Ongyel was given once in a life opportunity to come to Vermont by this American family. US Sherpa is an authentic Sherpa brand who produces functional,...
Matr Boomie
Matr Boomie is a fair trade collection that blends the traditional artforms of India with timeless and modern design aesthetic, bringing people and cultures closer together. Their collection of jewelry, home decor and unique gifts are made from natural and...
Kazi Goods
Founded in 2013, Kazi Goods is dedicated to showcasing the artistry of African artisans in the global market.  Their products include handcrafted baskets, home décor and accessories. Each item is ethically crafted, locally sourced and made with love. Key features...
Olive + M
From the outset of M's journey as a single mother of two, her primary objective was to develop affordable and high-performing products. Thus, she embarked on formulating blends centered around olive oil - ingredients that resonate with people, inviting a...
Maadili Collective
Maadili Collective is a Fair Trade, social enterprise design company that creates partnerships with small-scale artisan communities where opportunities are limited or non-existent in order to promote economic freedom and stability. Formed in 2018, Maadili Collective works directly with Ugandan and...
Arudeko is a brand that aims to seamlessly blend the rich artisanal heritage of Oaxaca with modern and contemporary designs to offer unique products like cushion covers and rugs. Their mission is to preserve traditional weaving and natural dyeing techniques...
Brighter. Bolder. Better for you. Spicewell is a WOC led business. They believe that food is medicine. Their mission is to turn your pantry into a health-enhancing resource.
Ayanna Denise Skin
Ayanna Denise Skin is healing ALL skin with Education, Products, and Services with their Inclusive State of the Art Skin System.An intelligent Skin Health and Skin Healing for all ethnicities, all genders, and all ages through nourishing formulas and products,...
Hilana Upcycled Cotton
Hilana Upcycled Cotton closes the loop on cotton in the cleanest way. Their textiles are made from recycled material through a zero waste process under the triple impact criteria.Artisans empowered by their ancestral craft, are promoting the circular economy for...
Starfish Project
At Starfish Project, they help exploited women and girls experience freedom, establish independence and develop careers and our vision is to see every woman valued.
Thula Tula
Thula Tula, pronounced with a silent "H" are the words to a Lullaby African mothers sing to their children. Translated, Thula Tula means "hush-hush" baby.
Thula Tula was started by Steve and his wife, Angela.
Aya Paper Co
At Aya Paper Co. they believe in celebrating Black joy, always. Their collection of greeting cards and gifts uses modern, artistic, and culturally relevant designs that reflect the lives and sentiments of their community.
Azizi Life
Azizi is a Swahili word that means precious or treasured, and it is our belief that every person’s life is Azizi.
LIKHÂ features a collection of ethically-made pieces ranging from home décor to fashion accessories. 
Having lived in China for over ten years, I have always been captivated by the creativity of different ethnic groups. In Qinghai province, one of the largest ethnic groups is the Tibetans, and I have always been struck by their beauty and resilience.
Global Crafts
Global Crafts was founded 20+ years ago by Peace Corp volunteers who were working in Kenya and saw a need to help local artisans open up their income opportunities by selling goods in overseas markets.
Made for Freedom
Quality products made by survivors of human trafficking and those coming out of marginalized situations.
KORISSA provides unique & purposeful handmade goods that are socially and environmentally responsible. Purchasing any of our unique, one-of-a-kind handcrafted products supports and benefits artisans in low-income communities.
Poppy + Sage
POPPY + SAGE is a sustainable fashion brand with a focus on delivering beautiful products from real communities that we have built authentic relationships with.
Carry Courage
The ideas and heart behind Carry Courage began in 2018 as a creative outlet for owner Marisa Simoes and has quickly become a pioneer of the sustainable fashion movement that creates organizing solutions for intentional women. 
Nourish & Refine
Nourish & Refine is a woman-owned, all-natural luxury skincare and conscious lifestyle brand. 
Rias Jaipur
Rias Jaipur is an initiative to keep handmade techniques alive in a contemporary market.
Tavaru, founded by Geeta Patil, works with handloom and handicraft artisans of north Karnataka to create optimally sewn and crafted textiles for home needs as a part of their initiative to revive and sustain traditional hand-crafting practices of the region.
Alankaran Designs
Empowering women artisans through sustainable hand-block printing is the mission of alankaran designs.
Fueled by a steadfast passion for silver and a desire to make artisanal jewelry more accessible, Oonth was established in 2019 by Ivanka Agarwal, a lawyer-turned-entrepreneur.
Zaina, an all-women-led social enterprise, working with small communities of craftspeople in faraway places, affected by decades of violence is a complex process with lots of challenges.
Mouse In The House
Mouse In The House creates clothing for infants and kids that are designed to be more playful and colorful, infused with a sense of playfulness. Every garment is meticulously handcrafted from stories, uniquely designed to give the brand its own...
Avani works with the rural community of Kumaon, part of the Indian state of Uttarakhand.
Moral Fibre
MORAL FIBRE creates fabrics and clothing without costing the earth. 
Lukka Chuppi
LUKKA CHUPPI aspires to bring colours to everyday life with their range of aesthetically appealing and quirky products. 
Mura Collective
Mura Collective was started in 1998 by Kusum Tiwari and Prabha Gahtori, as a response to experiencing the lack of workplaces for women and people with special needs.
Kattoos By Pipal Leaf
Kattoos Miniature Terracotta Bricks are hand-crafted, high-quality, reusable, miniature bricks made from 100% natural baked clay. 
Kaarigar Clinic
Kaarigar Clinic is an initiative that works towards rural development by mentoring local artisans to strategically grow their traditional craft practices into self-sustaining businesses.They work with more than 500 artisans and among majority are women.
Born from the spirit of living with less, “Dhaaga” is an environmentally and socially conscious brand that unifies comfort with beauty and community while following a zero plastic and zero-waste philosophy.
Headstrong By Hema Sharma
Headstrong by Hema Sharma was launched in the spring of 2019 as an expression of creativity that was shaped by a childhood spent in proximity to nature.
Patch over Patch
Patch over Patch works to build a bridge to go from trash to trend to bring the fabric waste back to the production cycle of garments.
Manvi The Handmade
Manvi is a story celebrating the age old art of “Chikankari”, the traditional hand embroidery of the erstwhile Awadh region, modern day Lucknow city and surrounding areas, in the North of India featuring beautiful women from the villages, experts at the various techniques of this artform, putting in hours to bring out the beauty of your garment.
The brand Vastram believes that fashion is timeless and "less is more". Vasstram explores the reinvention of classics through modern tailoring and Indian textiles.
Ecoshi was born as an idea to contribute towards saving the environment with eco-friendly product design by designer Ayushi.
Nandni Studio
Nandni Studio is a women’s apparel and accessories brand that is inspired by intricacies of handwork.
“LarRarh” was born out of the founder’s admiration for Indian arts, history, heritage, textiles, and everything green and sustainable, amidst the global pandemic. 
Baka is a holistically sustainable jewelry brand.
Kara Weaves
Kara is a creative social enterprise. Its goal is to provide much-needed impetus to the Kerala handloom industry.
Equiivalence is a sustainable jewelry brand that works with mindful designs making every piece a timeless collectible jewel.
With the aim to make sustainable products accessible and a part of everyday lives, Saltpetre is driven to create minimal effortless designs.
The name ‘Effy’ comes from the word ‘effervescent’ meaning lively and enthusiastic, which represents the vibrance and pep that the brand transpires through their clothing.
Something Sustainable
Something Sustainable is an organic clothing brand. They thrive to keep the usage of natural resources to the minimum by repurposing food, flower, plant, and textile wastes and designing clean clothing that lasts.
The Good Gift
The Good Gift is the market-linking arm of a social enterprise ecosystem anchored by Indian Yards Foundation in The Nilgiris mountain range in southern India.
Chamomile Home
The Chamomile Home offers comfort wear clothing that is minimally designed in breathable, lightweight, Handspun Cotton Khadi fabric. 
Minus Degre
Minus Degre is a design firm that plays around with plastic waste, crafting household products, furniture and art objects. 
Samoolam, meaning 'collective roots' in Sanskrit, was founded as a grassroots social movement in Gaya, Bihar (India) with the vision to use design as a powerful tool for social change. Samoolam promotes the dying art of 'Crochet'.
Miharu is a social venture which makes handmade brass jewelry and handloom silk dupattas from dying crafts of Bengal. 
Solayi is an Indian artisanal jewelry brand based out of Jaipur. It was created with a desire to create unique accessories and jewellery. 
Folk weave is a sustainable tribal enterprise that involves the whole family in the process of production to reduce the carbon footprint.
Riti aims at providing an ethical solution for bags and accessories.

WHE stands for Women, handcrafted & Eco-friendly. A design-driven ethical fashion brand, it was started in the year 2020 with the goal to connect the artisans to the end market.


Incubated by Industree Crafts Foundation, Greenkraft Producer Company Ltd. is a producer-owned social enterprise incorporated in 2012, creating natural fibre lifestyle products and home accessories.
SR by Sonali Raman
SR by Sonali Raman believes in slow fashion.
Why So Blue
Why So Blue is a small business started by mother-daughter duo Jaya and Shweta to make customizable clothing available to all.
Earth Route
Earth Route is an artisanal slow fashion brand. The merging of Indian traditional weaving and hand-crafted techniques with classic styling and ergonomics is at the core of their design belief. 
One ‘O’ Eight Knots
One 'O' Eight Knots is an initiative by Happy Faces Foundation for first-generation women artisans.
Ekibeki is a social enterprise which works to preserve the rich craft heritage of India through awareness, design and market interventions.
Jaggery is a social enterprise that uses bags as a powerful tool to advance social equity, climate action, and economic resilience. They create handcraft purposeful products like functional bags, cases, home decor, and adventure gear.
Sonica Sarna
Sonica Sarna is an ethical designer and educator who creates limited edition slow fashion pieces using sustainable, artisanal, and fair trade materials.
GFP’s zero waste journey made them realize that each one has the power to make a big difference, but most of us are clueless about it!
Project 1000 has a range of Handwoven home decor & lifestyle articles like Floor Rugs, Cushions with fillers, Baskets, Totes, Slings, Place Mats, Bathroom mats, Laptop jackets, Bread Baskets, etc. All products are 100% cotton & easy to maintain. They...
Ekatra was started by Minakshi & Aishwarya Jhawar, a mother-daughter duo, looking for mediums to express themselves.
EcoKaari is committed to giving back to the communities where weavers and artisans live and work, to bring a meaningful positive change through empowerment programs.
The Mango Tree
The Mango Tree combines a love for sustainable design and generating livelihoods for women in rural India.
Bihart promotes the various art forms of Bihar like Sujani, Manjusha, and Sikki and weaves like 'extra weft', 'fishnet' 'Chingari' and 'Jharna'. Their attempt is to uplift and revive these crafts by infusing new styles motifs and designs. They make...
PAPER WINGS is an environment-friendly product brand that endorses unique, upcycled, and sustainable products for everyday use.
Arras is an inclusive platform rooted in the culture of India while staying true to a passion for preserving the environment.
Art Bunker, through its Brand POTLI, offers a series of Indian art & craft kits that aim to reconnect children with traditional Indian art, thereby creating awareness and expanding markets for artisan communities that depend on their art for their livelihood while helping sustain the old art forms they practice.
Iro Iro
Iro Iro upcycles silk waste procured from local textiles and market places, which would otherwise be burned as fuel or sent to the landfill.