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Hand-crafted Sustainably,
by Indigenous Artisans.

Traditional. Culturally-rich.
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"Flourish Planet is a new model for direct-to-customer -one with the end maker at the forefront. Everything we do, every consideration we make, we do with our makers in mind, starting with our non-profit model."

- Neelam chhiber

Upcycled, Natural Dyes, Circular, Equity, Gender, Climate

Upcycled, Natural Dyes, Circular, Equity, Gender, Climate

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Elevating Indigenous Artisans | Flourish Planet

Elevating Indigenous Artisans


For more than two decades, our sister organizations, Industree Foundation and Regenearth, have worked side by side to help train artisans that has led to positively impacting more than 600,000 lives. Now, our newest sister organization, Creative Million, helps us to find more makers worldwide.

Industree Foundation holistically tackles the root causes of poverty by creating an ownership based, organised creative manufacturing ecosystem for women. Their approach has tripled the incomes of artisans in non-farm occupations by leveraging their artisanal skills and integrating them into the creative industries sector.

Creative Million aims to empower millions of low income women around the world to build lives of dignity and self-reliance. They do this by funding and supporting projects that address the economic advancement of women through employment and livelihoods, seeking out innovative and context-driven approaches with the potential for lasting impact.

Regenearth propels equitable enterprises towards sustainable livelihoods. They become reliable players within a regenerative economy by adopting non-linear scaling pathways and building successful models through shared practices.