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      Giving with a Conscience: Sustainable Gifts

      At Flourish Planet, we believe that gifting should be an act of both generosity and sustainability. Our carefully curated collection of sustainable gifts celebrates the artistry of skilled artisans who use natural materials and upcycled treasures to create truly unique and meaningful presents.

      Handcrafted Gifts for Every Occasion

      Our collection offers a diverse range of sustainable gifts for every occasion, from birthdays and holidays to special milestones and everyday moments. Explore our selection of:

      • Handcrafted Jewelry: Discover unique handmade jewelry pieces crafted from sustainable materials like wood, recycled metal, or ethically sourced gemstones. Look for artisan jewelry, ethical jewelry, and eco-friendly jewelry that embodies both style and conscience.
      • Sustainable Scarves: Gift a piece of warmth and elegance with sustainable scarves made from organic cotton, linen, or recycled materials. We offer a variety of styles, from handcrafted scarves to woven scarves, each with its own unique charm.
      • Handmade Home Decor: Create a cozy and sustainable haven for loved ones with handmade home decor pieces like woven baskets, handmade coasters, and unique plant pots.
      • Handcrafted Gifts for Children: Bring joy and wonder to young hearts with sustainable toys and ethical games made from natural materials and designed to spark imagination and creativity.
      • Sustainable Kitchen Essentials: Delight culinary enthusiasts with unique and sustainable kitchen gadgets made from bamboo, wood, or recycled materials, promoting eco-conscious cooking and meal preparation.

      Join the Flourish Planet Movement

      By choosing Flourish Planet, you're not just giving a gift; you're joining a movement that champions sustainability, ethical sourcing, and mindful living. Explore our collection and discover the beauty of handcrafted, sustainable gifts. Let your presents reflect your commitment to a more conscious and thoughtful world.

      Global Marketplace

      Flourish Planet was started with a simple purpose of being a driving force of conscious consumption, making socially and environmentally sustainable products from around the world available to everyone.
      Our values are at the center of everything that we do, to ensure that everyone in the supply chain from the makers and skilled artisans to the consumer are celebrated and informed. By bringing together sustainable and traditional craft stories, honest value and positive impact, everything here comes with a mark of goodness, and the hope that we can create a world where we can all flourish. We are committed to traceability and transparency, thus, with each product, you can see a cost break up as well as know more about how it was made, the people who made it, and more.

      Our conscious collection of crafts

      We have products made using a range of crafts and sustainable techniques on our platform like block printing, handloom and hand weaving, natural dyeing, shibori which is also known as tie & dye, batik, chikankari, ajrakh, baandni, ikat, kalamkari, madhubani, warli art, metal work, bidri, doll making, terracotta, dabu printing, paper mache, hand-embroidery, chainstitch embroidery, quilting, knitting, crochet, macrame, cut work, eco printing, wood carving, dokra which is also known as lost wax metal casting, etikoppaka toys which is also known as ankudu, upcycled and and basket weaving.

      We Promote

      We promote slow fashion, conscious consumption, recycling and upcycling, repurposing existing products through techniques like patchwork, fair trade, fair wages, responsible manufacturing, eco-friendly production, usage of natural dyes and azo-free dyes, organic cotton, eco fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable fashion, thrifting, reducing pre-consumer and post-consumer waste through sustainable packaging, cosmetics made using natural products and traditional knowledge.
      We promote various certifications like Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Global Reporing Initiative (GRI) Standards, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), FairTrade labelling, Rainforest Alliance USA and Forest Stewardship Council’s FSC Certification.

      What’s available

      With a variety of creative producers from all over, Flourish Planet has products across numerous categories like apparel, accessories, home decor, kids, toys, stationery and more. Handmade and eco-friendly products that are good for the planet and the people.

      Women Collection :- Explore innovative handmade and eco-friendly products across apparel categories like women dresses, women tops, women jackets, women pants and shorts, women skirts, women loungewear, women co-ord sets, women blouses, men’s jackets, men’s shirts, men’s t-shirts, men’s pants, men’s shorts and athleisure.

      Home Goods :- Explore innovative handmade and eco-friendly products across home categories like home decor, wall art, tea lights, bedsheets, cushion covers, table mats, rugs, carpets and bath linen. The home category also has products such as ayurvedic formulations for health, soy wax candles, personal care products like serum, natural face & body oil and bath salts.

      Women Accessories :- Explore handcrafted jewelry like earrings, pendants, necklaces and a stylish range of bags, footwear, scarves, stoles, wraps and shawls, hats, keychain, scrunchies, bandana, headbands, wallets, belts and DIY kits.

      Kids Collection :- Explore safe and sustainable toys and games for kids, DIY kits, dresses and sets for kids and newborns.

      Gifts Ideas :- Find a range of eco-friendly gifting ideas from our specially curated gift collection, corporate gifting offerings for your team, and gift cards.