Krushnachuda - Flourish Planet


Ensures fair living wage for producers
Biodegradable or environment friendly
Krushnachuda, initiated by Manasmita, a skilled management professional, came into existence in 2020. The appellation 'Krushnachuda' draws inspiration from the founder's cherished childhood memories, evoking images of playing amidst the vibrant scarlet blossoms of Krushnachuda, also known as Gulmohar trees. Through distinctive designs, motifs, and materials rooted in various artisanal weaves of Odisha, Manasmita narrates her tales. Krushnachuda strives to popularize the rich handloom heritage of Odisha, presenting it in a captivating manner for the masses. This brand, primarily curated for and by women, seamlessly blends timeless values with contemporary aesthetics, creating a space where tradition meets modern allure.