NORBOO | Tsewang Tote Bag
NORBOO | Tsewang Tote Bag
NORBOO | Tsewang Tote Bag
NORBOO | Tsewang Tote Bag
NORBOO | Tsewang Tote Bag


NORBOO | Tsewang Tote Bag

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  • Top zipper closure
  • 3 front exterior slip pockets
  • Interior divided slip pocket
  • Ethnic cotton webbing straps measuring 21” long
  • Exterior dimensions: 18” wide x 15” tall x 3 ½” deep
  • Hand made in Tibet with native sheep wool, ethnic woven, and cotton fabrics

Norboo's mission is to support communities in remote areas, teaching them how to use the resources that are available to them, primarily through training in various practical skills. Creating high quality products using materials indigenous to the Tibetan Plateau allows us to express the joy we have found in this place and in these people.

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Having lived in China for over ten years, NORBOO’s founder has always been captivated by the creativity of different ethnic groups. Despite living in extremely harsh environments with limited resources, they manage to remain creative, hospitable, and joyful. During her travels to these remote areas, she enjoys collecting locally handmade products and learning about their traditional materials and production methods. NORBOO strives to make a holistic impact in these communities by allocating a portion of our profits and utilizing our expertise.