Honoring Black History Month 2024: A Showcase of Artisanal Excellence

This February, Flourish Planet joins in observing Black History Month 2024, a time to honor the achievements of African Americans and recognize their integral role in shaping US history. The theme for this year is African Americans and the Arts: a tribute to the rich culture, traditional techniques, and modern adaptations of art across a diverse spectrum of skills and expressions.

In light of this, we encourage you to explore our very talented, Black-owned makers. Their maker stories illustrate how creating a business from one’s personal experience can bring about innovation in product design, development, and personal satisfaction.

Ayanna Denise Skin

Ayanna Zahra is a Holistic Skin Therapist who has helped over 1,000 women of color all over the world reverse hyperpigmentation, acne, and the effects of auto-immune diseases and/or medications. Before creating Ayanna Denise Skin, Ayanna began unlimited holistic studies across South America, Asia, North America, and Europe while designing clothes. Her story includes losing herself and finding herself once more after marriage, depression, divorce, reinvention, and becoming a new mother.

Ayanna's ancestral gifts of healing are helping so many men, women, and children find their confidence and embrace self-love to empower themselves with skin knowledge.

Aya Paper Co.

SaVonne Anderson, founder of Aya Paper Co., embarked on a mission to infuse joy into everyday life. Drawing inspiration from notes of encouragement she received over the years, SaVonne, a graphic designer, created a line of stationery that celebrates life's daily moments authentically. Her designs focus on the modern Black experience, encouraging self-celebration and authentic connections.

Azizi Life

The Swahili word 'Azizi' translates to precious or treasured, embodying Azizi Life's commitment to the belief that every person's life is indeed precious. Since 2008, Azizi Life has been a fair trade organization dedicated to uplifting skilled Rwandan artisans from poverty. With over 700 artisan partnerships, Azizi Life serves as a bridge connecting artisans, designers, and global customers. Beyond livable wages, their fair-trade impact extends to community projects, promoting growth and investment in Rwandan-led initiatives. From beekeepers to cultural hosts, Azizi Life's unique model fosters a better future, with profits contributing to local nonprofit organizations, including literacy classes that have touched the lives of over 3500 people since 2017.

Thula Tula

Pronounced with a silent "H," Thula Tula draws inspiration from the lullabies African mothers sing to their children. Thula Tula is devoted to making a direct difference in Southern African communities, providing well-paid, meaningful, unionized jobs, and elevating underserved groups, particularly women and children. Each blanket is sustainably and ethically designed and woven in South Africa, reflecting a commitment to honoring the land where love and memories were born.

Maadili Collective

Formed in 2018, Maadili Collective is a Fair Trade, social enterprise design company creating partnerships with small-scale artisan communities in Uganda and Zambia. Their mission is to promote economic freedom and stability in areas where opportunities are limited. Co-creating ethically produced and sustainably sourced baskets, home decor items, and jewelry, Maadili Collective proves that commerce can be a force for good.

This Black History Month, let's not just celebrate but actively support these makers committed to driving positive change. Each purchase contributes to sustainable practices, community development, and the preservation of cultural traditions.

As we build our platform, we're on the lookout for more Black makers and Black-owned brands that resonate with the African American cultural experience. Have a favorite sustainable Black brand to share? Contact us at claire@flourishplanet.com.

At Flourish Planet, we encourage you to take this opportunity to honor Black History Month and hope our community of indigenous makers continues to be enriched by the inspiring contributions of Black-owned makers.

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