From Waste to Wow: Trashion Unveiled

Ever wondered what happens when creativity collides with cast-offs? Enter trashion, where fashion finds its muse in the discarded and forgotten. First coined in New Zealand in 2004, it's not just a term; it's a movement, a philosophy, and an ethic rolled into one. Trashion is the art of crafting jewelry, fashion, and home objects from used, discarded, and repurposed elements. It's about turning what many consider waste into stunning, innovative pieces that redefine style and sustainability.

Trashion embodies a philosophy rooted in environmentalism and innovation, driven by the desire to maximize the use of limited resources. The fashion industry manufactures up to 100 billion garments annually, with a staggering 92 million tons of clothing finding its way to landfills each year. A mere 20% of textiles are either reused or recycled. According to the latest EPA data, the United States produces slightly over 17 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) in textiles annually. This equates to approximately 112 pounds per person.

Yoshitake Matsuzaki, Founder of Project Trashion, states that while our current system isn’t sustainable, fashion itself is not the issue. “Companies have prioritized business over fashion and have created a linear system of providing affordable fashion straight from the runway to a wider consumer base. The result of this linear model is the expectation of a quick democratization of runway looks to the commercial market. Business is meant to be scalable, predictable, and growable, and this has been applied to fast fashion.”

Trashion artists, such as Marina DeBris and Nancy Judd, rebel against the culture of disposable fashion and commit to transforming the overlooked into the extraordinary. This resonates deeply with Flourish Planet's dedication to featuring artisans who upcycle, use renewable materials and focus on long term sustainability and community enrichment. We strive to support and showcase trashion designers and artisans who share our vision. These creative minds breathe life into discarded materials.

Flourish Planet's platform is a testament to our belief in the power of trashion. We provide a stage for these visionary designers and artisans to showcase their work, offering a global audience a chance to appreciate and embrace the beauty of sustainable fashion. Our visionary designers and artisans such as Indosole, Hilana Upcycled Cotton, Patch over Patch, Jaggery, Paper Wings, and Iro Iro are adept at transforming upcycled materials into stunning fashion pieces, showcasing the beauty of sustainable fashion to a global audience. Our dedication goes beyond profit margins; it's about creating a world where the interests of artisans and the environment come first. Join us in the trashion revolution—where style meets sustainability, and every piece tells a story of innovation and care for our planet.

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