JewelrySEJAL Septum RingBaka
JewelrySEJAL Septum RingBaka
JewelrySEJAL Septum RingBaka

SEJAL Septum Ring

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The Sejal collection celebrates freedom of choice and expression. Each piece in this collection is handcrafted in silver and exists at the intersection of the traditional and the incredibly rebellious. Piercings and face ornamentation are generally placed in the category of the tribal or goth and with this collection we move beyond this discourse to a more productive space where the designs are wearable by all. None of the pieces need piercings to wear them.


  • Product Dimensions: 2.5 x 1.5 cm
  • Dimensions: L 3" X B 4" X H 1"
  • Gender: Female
  • Product Size: Free Size
  • Base Color: Silver
  • Type: Nose Ring
  • Craft: Hand crafted Hand made
  • Material: Silver
  • Country of Origin: India

Shipping Information

Delivery time: 10-15 Days
At Flourish Planet we believe in slow fashion. This product is handmade and comes directly to you by our maker partners in a distant continent, and is non-returnable.

Raw Material Cost

20 %

Artisan Wages

20 %

Producer Group Margin

30 %

Mission Margin

*goes towards platform operations, order fulfillment, and building equity for the producer ecosystem.
30 %
Baka is a holistically sustainable jewelry brand. They consider many aspects of sustainability, including the social, the cultural, and the economic. Each of their slow-designed pieces is meticulously crafted by hand using sustainable materials.
  • Store your silver in a plastic pouch to prevent tarnishing.
  • Wrap it in a soft cloth or paper and keep it separate.
  • Avoid contact with liquids and perfumes.
  • Avoid contact with any abrasive surfaces to reduce scratches.

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