Patoc Walnut Wood Cheese Board Zaina
Patoc Walnut Wood Cheese Board Zaina
Patoc Walnut Wood Cheese Board Zaina
Patoc Walnut Wood Cheese Board Zaina


Patoc Walnut Wood Cheese Board

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This product has been handcrafted and hand carved is made of natural walnut wood grown in Kashmir. Because of its unique geographical location, it’s the only region where these majestic trees grow, sometimes up to a height of 50 feet.
Walnut wood is close grained and even textured, and this makes it ideal for something that needs to be hard, strong and durable.

The wood used for crafting these products is properly seasoned so that with time the product doesn’t begin to warp. The copper is sourced locally from Kashmir. After the handcrafting process, the product goes through a detailed finishing process using natural materials, making sure the product is completely food safe.


  • Sub Type: platters
  • Base Color: Brown
  • Type: Serveware
  • Craft: Walnut Wood Carving
  • Material: Walnut Wood
  • Country of Origin: India

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Delivery time: 3-5 Days

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Raw Material Cost

19 %

Artisan Wages

20 %

Producer Group Margin

31 %

Mission Margin

*goes towards platform operations, order fulfillment, and building equity for the producer ecosystem.
30 %
Zaina is a social enterprise that aims to provide sustainable livelihoods and an identity to artisans from Kashmir by bringing their creations to a platform accessible by all. The brand believes that the communities of artisans deserve economic opportunities, and it aims to keep alive the rich tradition of their craftsmanship in a rapidly changing urban market.
  • After cutting on the platter, wash it thoroughly with water
  • Dry the platter using a cloth, being mindful of any visible cut marks
  • Take a tissue paper and apply a small amount of mustard oil to the entire surface
  • Use a dry tissue paper to remove any excess oil from the surface
  • Allow the platter to air dry overnight