Table and DiningBanana Leaf Square Divided Serving TrayAzizi Life
Table and DiningBanana Leaf Square Divided Serving TrayAzizi Life

Banana Leaf Square Divided Serving Tray

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The Banana Divided Serving Tray is crafted from the locally-gathered leaves and stalks of banana trees. Artisans use a specially designed, handmade needle to thread dried banana leaves around the banana stalks. The result is a super-sturdy tray that’s great for carrying all kinds of things. Azizi Life’s co-founder uses the square serving tray to carry glasses out to her guests. But her absolute favorite way to use this tray is to serve tea. Boxes of flavored tea fit perfectly in each compartment, as do individual teabag packets. It’s so easy, and a lovely way to share fair trade love with guests. The serving trays are made by artisans from the Abaharaniriterambere People Fighting for Development Cooperative, who meet on their local school grounds. We invite you to get to know them- Immaculee, the group’s founder, is peeking out over there waiting to share more.


  • Product Dimensions: L 12 x B 12 x H 4 inches
  • Dimensions: L 12.5 x B 12.5 x H 4.5 inches
  • Product Size: Medium
  • Type: Tray
  • Placement: Table top
  • Craft: Hand woven
  • Material: Hand-gathered local banana leaves and stalks
  • Country of Origin: Rwanda

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Delivery time: 5-7 Days
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Raw Material Cost

50 %

Artisan Wages

20 %

Producer Group Margin

0 %

Mission Margin

*goes towards platform operations, order fulfillment, and building equity for the producer ecosystem.
30 %
Azizi Life is a fair trade organization dedicated to partnering with skilled Rwandan artisans in their vision to lift their families from poverty. Working since 2008, they have now cultivated partnerships with more than 700 artisans. Azizi Life serves as a bridge, linking artisans, designers, and global customers to offer high-quality, ethically sourced goods for life and gifting. Their fair-trade impact goes beyond livable wages to include resources for growth and investment in their Rwandan-led community impact projects.
  • Wipe with a damp cloth
  • Our banana leaf trays are fine to get wet, just dry them out in the sun
  • Do not submerge

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