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Cooperative Play

Cooperative play is a useful tool in creating an opportunity for children to learn various life skills through play. It enhances creative thinking and social skills amongst many others. Through experience, children learn lessons that are long-lasting in shaping their personalities. Cooperative play engages children in activities with a shared purpose/common goal with others. It enhances communication and collaborative problem-solving in them.

Indoor Cooperative play also strengthens their ability to engage with complex materials while managing group dynamics. To start with, simply doing activities with parents or other primary caregivers can also be extremely beneficial. This also deepens the initial attachment bonds that a child forms with others around them.

Children are constantly creating their version of the world throughout their childhood, finding tactile mediums for them to express themselves complements their development greatly. Learning through sensory experiential activities has increasingly been seen as effective for the growth of children.

Engage your children in a variety of do-it-yourself activities that help them interact with the world around them constructively. Some interesting options include educational games made using environment-friendly raw materials. From block printing innovative designs to using naturally made bricks to construct their own buildings, to DIY traditional paintings there are numerous mindful producer groups putting together craft kits with a purpose, designed especially for children. Art & craft kits aim to reconnect children with traditional art forms as well, thereby creating awareness and expanding markets for artisan communities that depend on their art for their livelihood while helping sustain the old art forms they practice. Their work inspires the young generation to forge a commitment to preserve local and national heritage and to play a role in reviving the rich heritage traditions and encouraging creativity.

Explore makers who make interesting DIY engaging kits for children, all made out of planet-friendly materials, good for the environment and good for the children. Head on to the toys and games section on

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