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Sustainable Fall Decor

Seasonal home decor is a great way to celebrate nature and feel connected with its rhythms.  However, many seasonal items can get thrown away after use, can be flimsy, or made with materials that do not decompose when they end up in landfill.  We have put together some eco-friendly fall decor DIYs that will reduce your environmental impact save you money.

   1. Leaf Rose

This fun and easy activity is great to do with kids, and also to create sustainable fall decor for your home that is sure to impress.  It is also a good excuse to get outside with your kids and spend time finding the perfect leaves for your bouquet.  Check out this tutorial here to get started.

   2. Apple Candles

These apple candles make stunning additions to dinner tables, parties, or just your general home decor! Using simple household items, you can create candles that will provide hours of beautiful, seasonal ambiance.  Watch this tutorial and get crafting!

   3. Canning Ring Pumpkins

These tabletop decorations are a great way to make use of extra mason jar lids laying around the house, and they are totally customizable to fit your aesthetic.  Check out the instructions and some inspiration photos here!

   4. Fall Wreath 

A beautiful and welcoming addition to your fall decor is a fall wreath.  These are also customizable, and can be made with natural items in your area.  The only material that you need to buy is a wire wreath, which is reusable and can be found for less than $5 at any craft store.  Check out this awesome leaf wreath inspiration.  

Happy decorating! Let us know which of these projects is your favorite, and stay tuned for more ideas for decor next month.

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