Personal CareNatural Body OilNourish & Refine
Personal CareNatural Body OilNourish & Refine
Personal CareNatural Body OilNourish & Refine
Personal CareNatural Body OilNourish & Refine

Natural Body Oil

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Natural Body Oil is a deeply-hydrating moisturizer, light enough to wear every day. Its blend of enriching oils heals the deeper layers of your skin and leaves a non-greasy, radiant, and natural glow. Made by hand with organic sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and a blend of all-natural aromatic essential oils, it is derived from plants with a soft and calming scent of lavender and chamomile.

Enrich and soothe your skin with a powerful dose of antioxidants and vitamins:

Vitamin A: helps heal and naturally moisturize your skin and prevent breakouts
Vitamin B Complex: is full of omega 3s and healthy fatty acids
Vitamin C: produces collagen, which helps smooth and prevent wrinkles
Vitamin E: reduces inflammation and makes your skin look younger

Nourish & Refine luxury organic skincare and conscious lifestyle products are handmade in small batches using 100% natural, non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients.


  • Dimensions: L 8 x B 5 x H 3 cms
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Net Size: 2 oz
  • Type: Skin Care
  • Craft: Handmade
  • Material: Carrier oils and Essential oils
  • Country of Origin: USA

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Delivery time: 5-7days
Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges for this product unless it is a shipping or manufacturing issue.

Raw Material Cost

40 %

Artisan Wages

10 %

Producer Group Margin

20 %

Mission Margin

*goes towards platform operations, order fulfillment, and building equity for the producer ecosystem.
30 %
Nourish & Refine is a woman-owned, all-natural luxury skincare and conscious lifestyle brand. Nourish & Refine skincare and candles are cruelty-free, vegan, and hand-made from five or fewer all-natural ingredients in Alexandria, Virginia. Nourish & Refine skincare products are formulated from organic cold-pressed oils packed with antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins A, B complex, C, and E to protect the skin from pollution and free radicals while reducing signs of aging by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.
Apply daily on the skin after a shower to lock in moisture. Add a few drops into warm bath water or foot soak.

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