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Bicycle Collection

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This Collection has two flat plates of different sizes, one bowl, one americano cup and one expresso cup. The material with which it is made is pewter and each object in the set has a different pattern.

Items included | Dimensions:
Flat plates | 26 cm
Flat plate | 22 cm
Bowls | 14 cm
Americano cups | 360 ml
Espresso cup | 85 ml


  • Capacity: Americano cups-360 ml, Espresso cup-85 ml
  • Base Color: White
  • Type: Cookware
  • Craft: Hand Made
  • Material: Pewter
  • Country of Origin: Mexico

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Raw Material Cost

5 %

Artisan Wages

30 %

Producer Group Margin

35 %

Mission Margin

*goes towards platform operations, order fulfillment, and building equity for the producer ecosystem.
30 %
WOLOCH is a 100% Mexican company that promotes and distributes Mexican art and design. We currently have over 16 partners that work with high quality materials and are 100% handmade Mexican certified.
  • Handwash.

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