A Textile Soiree in Jaipur

Jaipur, where golden sands, indigo skies and crimson forts find an echo in its traditional fabrics. Visit master craftsmen and award-winning printers who will walk you through beautiful block printing and Indigo dyeing traditions of the desert kingdom.

Patterns in the Desert

Our first look into Jaipuri textiles is in Bagru, known for natural dyes and hand block printing. A trip to the iconic workshop of a master craftsman and award winner Bagru and Indigo artist, where we start our intellectual expedition into the craft of Bagru printing, once only seen on Rajasthani skirts known as ghagras and scarves called odhnis for women.

Of gems and jewels

Jaipur’s Amrapali Museum is dedicated to Indian jewellery, offering a fascinating testimony to India's craftsmanship. Jewellery for every part of the human form, jewelled artefacts from every corner of India, heirloom textiles embellished with gold and silver, and much more, can be found on display.

A hands-on experience

Visiting local production workshops and discussions with designers and textile producers is really what allows us to develop a fuller appreciation into a world steeped in tradition and old- world techniques. We color our hands with the reminisces of blues, pinks and reds after testing our skills at hand block printing with pigment, each offering a cultivated experience into the diversity in textiles.

Charming Homestay Experience

Set amidst large gardens, Loharu House is the family home of Nawabzada and Begum Fauzia Ahmad Khan of Loharu. The old family home has been running as a B&B since 1983. Guests share the home with the family but there is ample private space. Savour the flavors of authentic Rajasthani cuisine that boasts several vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies.

Rug Weaving

Jaipur Rugs invites you on a journey that promises you an enriching experience at every step. You will explore rustic villages of Rajasthan and meet extraordinary women of grit, who are keeping alive the traditional craft of hand knotted carpet weaving.

Immerse yourself in a riot of colours, thanks to Jaipur’s rich legacy of beautiful textiles and age old printing techniques.


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