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DIY: Rethink your old tops!

DIY: Rethink your old shirts into exciting new tops!

Beat the heat with simple do-it-yourself designs. We all have old piled-up shirts that lie somewhere between “worn too many times” and “too good to throw away”. Repurposing old clothes is a great way to reduce the amount of trash that ends up in landfills. Every article of clothing goes through a complex manufacturing process, uses numerous raw materials, and the entire process leaves a large carbon footprint on the planet. One crafty way you can be kinder to the planet is by putting your creativity to work. Here are simple ways in which you can cut your old shirts into interesting tank tops:

  1. Tying crop top
  2. Start with the neckline and cut it off in a way that suits you. Next are the sleeves, trim off the hems to make this your summer special. Cut a half-circle on each of the shoulder seams. Lastly, cut two long oval shapes on the bottom of the tee and then remove the back half. These ovals are ties that will cinch in your tee.Check out this and 15 other ways to cut old shirts into tank tops

  3. Funky Hipster tee
  4. There are many small steps on your journey of self-expression. Use some paint or bleach to add some fresh color, scissors to cut holes, and craft an edgy shirt that is you! If you are feeling experimental, here is a tutorial on how you can distress your shirt on your own

  5. Knotty edge
    Add an edge to your look by making the side of a shirt into knots. A few simple cuts and the ability to tie a knot would leave you with an exciting summer essential, a great look for the beach. Follow this detailed tutorial.
  6. Fringe it
  7. Cutting fringes out of your own hair might not always turn out well, but with a steady pair of scissors, you can’t go wrong making your old shirt into an interesting new look. Customize your own with this detailed tutorial by A girl and a glue gun.

While most of the DIY instructions specify all the things you need to get started, here are the things you’ll definitely need to execute most of these:

  • A sturdy pair of scissors
  • A bunch of old shirts
  • Washable markers
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