The Role of Artisans in Modern Society

Across the globe, talented artisans pour their hearts and souls into creating exquisite craftsmanship, yet their efforts often go unnoticed and undervalued. These skilled individuals, driven by their passion and ancestral knowledge, work tirelessly daily, pouring their creativity into each piece they produce, receiving meager wages.
In developing countries, handicraft entrepreneurs face additional hurdles like lousy infrastructure and limited market access. These hurdles keep them stuck in a cycle where intermediaries take most of the profits, leaving artisans struggling to build customer connections.
In some regions, artisans are paid as little as $0.89 a day for their incredible craftsmanship. This insufficient compensation is far from a fair reflection of their skill, dedication, and the invaluable cultural heritage they uphold.
Artisans don't just create regular items; they also take the time and effort to perfect them. Each handicraft an artisan makes has a story influenced by deep traditional knowledge. Traditional item production relies on minimal machinery and utilizes locally sourced materials, fostering local demand and generating employment opportunities across various sectors of the economy. Crafts are typically made within households and complement other domestic activities, thereby serving as a potential solution to mitigate rural-to-urban migration.
One of our makers, Angela, the co-founder of Korissa, left New York in 2017 to support and work for a cause and to help these communities of artisans and workers create a platform where they could sell their products and handicrafts to a global audience. Korissa is committed to alleviating poverty, increasing social responsibility, and strengthening the personal skills of women suffering from social injustice. Their goal is to offer environmentally and socially responsible handmade goods.
These hard-working individuals inspire us at Flourish, and we want to create an ecosystem of local entrepreneurs and global artisans working every day to support and earn their livelihood. In our commitment to promoting fair trade, we ensure transparency in our pricing, extending this practice not only to our valued artisans but also to you. Every day, Flourish Planet, as a platform, celebrates the dedication of over 40 local businesses and artisans who constantly strive to bring forth innovative creations as we add new brands each week.
Join us on this journey, where we create a path for their talents to shine. Our platform ensures that your purchase directly supports an artisan's fair wage. We have created an environment where all makers can thrive and flourish.
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