Slow Gifting with Flourish Planet: A Thoughtful Alternative To The Norm Of Holiday Shopping

Some individuals love holiday shopping, but you may want to stay in bed and shutter the blinds to block out the stress of last-minute gift choices. The energy drain of finding a store and the pressure of feeling obligated to get a meaningful gift that fits your budget can be intense. This year, you can consciously avoid Black Friday by getting your loved ones a unique, handmade, sustainable gift from a global artisan. We invite you to utilize this alternative solution to the norm of holiday shopping, where you can break away from commercialism to shop with intention.

One alternative to stress, instant satisfaction, and inhumane labor practices is "Slow Gifting." We support this process as we want to be a global force of conscious consumption and make ethical, sustainable products from international makers available to everyone. This opportunity allows you to invest in international creators, save effort by shopping early for holiday gifts that align with your values, and honor the skill put into that item by patiently waiting for it to arrive. When participating in this alternative process, you consciously choose to have a product sourced, created, and shipped with equity. Buying your presents early, from the end of October onward, will allow you to dodge the stress of gift planning and replace the negative feelings of obligation by focusing on expressions of care and devotion.

Your gift will take time to get to you because handmade craftsmanship takes a lot of skill and effort, but this is a chance to honor the maker. Buying products from makers on Flourish Planet supports their cultural practices. Doing so also upholds their equitable access to resources, including healthcare and a living wage. Our makers ensure you will receive a product grounded in respect for the planet that utilizes sustainable manufacturing processes such as waste minimization. Simplify your life this holiday season by saving time, upholding your values, and supporting global artisans' livelihoods with your purchasing power by slowly gifting with Flourish Planet this holiday season.

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