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Common Myths about Handmade Products

There are many commonly heard misconceptions that keep a person from exploring the exquisite world of craft. Though if you really take a moment and think about it, none of the common myths about handmade products will hold true.

  1. Poor-Quality
    Many common misconceptions about handmade items are centered around their quality. It is believed that handmade items will not have the same durability as machine-made products. However handmade items are crafted with so much focused attention to detail that the quality is unparalleled. This extra attention to the quality of the product comes from the skill passed on over generations, which allows the creation of long-lasting items made from eco-friendly materials.

  2. Over-priced
    Products that are made by hand are a testament to the truly skilled and dedicated artisans and makers that created them, and purchasing them supports the continuation of skills and hard work having value in the economy. If you buy from a brand that has received the handmade badge on Flourish, rest assured that time, skill, and energy was transferred from the artisans to their product, and finally to you. That is the true value of the product.

  3. Repetitive and Old Fashioned
    No two pieces crafted by hand are ever alike. Unlike mass-produced products, handmade products are all made with individual care for each and every piece. There are variations in color and textures and patterns that make it one of a kind. Each handmade item is the result of years of practice and training, the artistic ability of the artisan that has brought it to life. It carries the legacy of the craft and ingenuity of creative expression.
    “That’s the thing with handmade items. They still have the person’s mark on them, and when you hold them, you feel less alone” - Aimee Bender

  4. Impractical
    Practicality and convenience have a stark difference between them. It is at this difference lie handmade items crafted with care to be used in many novel ways. The factory-produced items are designed only for utility whereas a product crafted by hand goes beyond that. For instance, kitchen utensils hand-crafted in brass, not only serving its purpose but proven to have immense health benefits. Handcrafted home decor tells an unforgettable story.

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