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Sustainable Spring Cleaning

Spring is here, the time when we want to open the windows, shake out the rugs, and refresh our home from dust and clutter. Sometimes the thought of spring cleaning top to bottom can seem overwhelming, but cleaning with non-toxic and sustainable cleaning supplies and with a sustainable mindset, can actually be a pleasant and nose opening experience!


Cleaning, we believe, is the perfect way to extend your values around sustainability, environmental awareness and taking small steps that can add up to make big differences. Earth month is the perfect time to dive in, to learn and practice new approaches that include refreshing your home without toxic and persistent chemicals that can cause harm to people and the environment. 

In addition to preventing harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia from polluting the environment, keeping them out of your family and pets’ reach is also a good idea. Harsh, chemical cleaners can cause asthma, respiratory distress and allergic reactions. Natural remedies and green products can often be diluted, going further and costing less. And natural remedies can be used to disinfect garbage disposals, washing machines and even dishwashers!

How to Get Started

Before grocery stores stocked  shelves of cleaning products, our mothers and grandmothers used natural cleaners such as baking soda, citrus and vinegar. These household basics are excellent for disinfecting and cleaning still today. Multipurpose, green cleaners (look for certified products) can also tackle surfaces, windows and floors, and offer fresh, natural scents when used with essential oils or botanical ingredients. Extend your sustainable cleaning frenzy with re-usable rags made from old sheets and towels (that you can run in a short wash), and you won’t have to be filling landfills with sponges, paper towels or disposable cleaning tools. Finally, find a day when you can turn on the music, open the windows and end with a reward of a spring fling party, and cleaning will become less of a chore and more of a choice. 

What’s Your Favorite Green Cleaning Brand? 

At Flourish Planet, we exist so that every maker with whom we work is able to thrive and flourish. And as we on-board new makers, entrepreneurs, minority business owners and artisans everyday, we seek brands that speak to our followers, that make a real difference by offering our customers sustainable, ethical, handmade, clean, transparent and traceable products, from food, home, beauty, accessories and more.  We would love to hear about your favorite sustainable cleaning brand and tell us why you love them - we may reach out to include them in our collection of curated items that make up our shared FlourishPlanet. Contact us with your ideas at 

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