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Eco-Friendly Homes

With wasteful mindless production of decor items that last only a season or a short while, the landfills become bigger and our homes get more cluttered. A cluttered home full of items that were made out of artificial raw materials has also been found to increase stress as it is not very conducive to a relaxing environment.
An eco-friendly makeover of your own living space is not only good for you, your family, and your mental health but it is also great for the planet.

Being mindful of the choices we make in these times of hyper-consumption, can also increase our awareness of the impact that our space has on us. These mindful choices and living in harmony with nature have numerous health benefits- physical and psychological. The everyday exposure to toxic chemicals for one is reduced greatly if one is mindful about what they choose to bring into their homes. A lot of chemicals(Volatile organic compounds) that are used to make interior furnishings and building materials are airborne can negatively impact health and air quality. Beyond the impact of an eco-friendly home on you and the planet, sustainable home choices also empower producers and small businesses that put in the time, effort, and resources into creating these options for you, thereby strengthening their ability to practice their craft.

Here are some ideas on how you can make your home more sustainable:

  1. Furniture
    Furnishings made from eco-friendly materials like bamboo, rattan and wicker, lumber, rubberwood, lantana, and reclaimed wood, among others help reduce deforestation and also reduce the emission of chemicals in your home. Switching to Bamboo (a tall grass) swings, reclining chairs, coffee tables, bookcases, baskets, etc, is an ideal alternative to wood as it is one of the fastest-growing plants. One can also get furniture carved out of stone depending on how the space has to be designed.

  2. Fabrics
    With numerous eco-friendly low impact options available now, you can also make a mindful choice about the fabrics that make up your drapes, runners, bedsheets, and mats. Handwoven organic fabrics are good for you as well as the planet.

  3. Durable and Timeless Decor
    Choose the design, style, colors, raw materials of the decor you want for your house. A mindful choice about decor can be made by paying close attention to details about the products, how they are made, what the raw materials are, one can also choose items based on whether they can be reused/recycled, to evolve and grow with you. Vintage decor is another eco-friendly option, to choose from decor items that already exist and tell a story. Another category worth exploring is decor items that have been made out of repurposed raw materials giving them a new life and your home, a crafty edge.

  4. Houseplants
    Refresh the air around you organically and bring some green, which has been proven to improve eyesight and is a source of relaxation for the eyes. Be mindful about the choice of the planter, and what it is made out of as well. Handmade ceramic planters or planters made out of upcycled materials can be a long-lasting eco-friendly choice.

Making eco-friendly switches is a long nuanced journey, and it all starts with one mindful choice. Start your journey with the way you decorate your home, explore mindful home & living options.

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