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Thula Tula

Ensures fair living wage for producers
Discloses the community being impacted
Reduces the environmental impact
Focusses on women producers
Recycles resources
Avoids use of chemicals or toxic materials
Uses portion of proceeds to give back to the community
Thula Tula, pronounced with a silent ""H"" are the words to a Lullaby African mothers sing to their children. Translated, Thula Tula means ""hush-hush"" baby. Thula Tula was started by Steve and his wife, Angela. It is inspired by their daughter Venice and her Grandmother, Sheila, who passed away from Cancer in September 2018. Thula Tula was born out of the desire to honor her life and give back to the people of Africa. The land where she was born, lived, and loved. They hope to do her proud.