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Vegan Thanksgiving Menu

Making a Thanksgiving dinner that will fit into a vegan lifestyle and have all of the traditional staple meals is within your reach! Check out some of our favorite replacements and recipe ideas for an animal-free feast. 

   1. Turkey replacement ideas 

For replacing the turkey, which is the main part of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, you can go two different routes: substituting with a meat replacement product, or skipping the turkey in favor of a different type of main.  For replacements, a few of our favorites include the Gardein Turk’y Roast, and the Field Roast Celebration Roast.   If you don’t want to get “fake” turkey, you can also substitute it with savory main courses such as a Mushroom Wellington, or check out these other ideas for Meatless Mains.

   2. All the sides, but vegan

Thankfully, most of the staple sides for Thanksgiving can easily be made vegan with a few adjustments to ingredients, and without much of a difference in taste.  Check out these recipes for:

   3. Delicious desserts

Dessert is arguably just as important as dinner, and we have put together some of our favorite renditions of Thanksgiving classic pies that can be enjoyed by all, vegan or not. Check them out:


It's also a good idea to have some toppings on hand, like this Vanilla Frozen Dessert or this CocoWhip.  Let us know in the comments which recipes you try, and have a great holiday!

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