Sustainable Holiday Decor

Sustainable Holiday Decor

No matter what, if any, holiday you celebrate, this time of year is full of celebration and joy for many.  It is also a time when large amounts of plastic and synthetic decorations are used, and inevitably find their way into landfills.  However, we understand the urge to decorate and get in the spirit of the season, so we have put together some of our favorite holiday season decor DIYs for you.  Happy crafting!

  1. DIY Pine Wreaths 

This tutorial here gives you all the tips and tricks you need to create a festive wreath that is customizable for any holiday, or just to celebrate winter.  To be more eco-friendly, skip the glue and make sure you recycle the wire you use!

     2. Dried Fruit and Spice Garlands

This DIY not only makes your space beautiful and festive, it also makes it smell amazing.  This simple DIY only requires a few items.  You can choose whatever fruits, spices, and other items to include in your garland, and it is all biodegradable (just make sure you use cotton or other natural fiber string).  Check out this tutorial here for inspiration.

    3. Holiday Candle Jars 

These easy candle jars can be made with leftover glass containers, tea lights, and a few other common household items to create beautiful centerpieces.  You will need:

Glass Jars
Tea Lights 
Natural fiber string (cotton, hemp, etc)
Cinnamon Sticks 
Pine Leaves 
Dried Fruit Slices

Add salt to the bottom of your jar until it is about one inch deep, and then place the tea light on top of the salt.  Then, take your string and tie a pine leaf, piece of fruit, or cinnamon stick around the jar.  Customize them however you like!

We wish you happy holidays, and hope that you have great, green celebrations!

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