Basotho Wool Blanket - Scarlet/Cobalt
Basotho Wool Blanket - Scarlet/Cobalt
Basotho Wool Blanket - Scarlet/Cobalt
Basotho Wool Blanket - Scarlet/Cobalt
Basotho Wool Blanket - Scarlet/Cobalt
Basotho Wool Blanket - Scarlet/Cobalt


Basotho Wool Blanket - Scarlet/Cobalt

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Heirloom Quality

Looking for a new go-to blanket? Look no further than the Thula Tula Basotho Blanket! Lightweight, hypoallergenic, and machine-washable, this heirloom-quality blanket is sure to be a favorite for years to come. The Basotho Blanket is woven with colorfast wool that will resist fading and pilling, making it perfect for snuggling on the couch or taking on camping trips.

  • Won't shrink
  • Won't fade
  • Won't scratch

Crafted in South Africa from naturally renewable African virgin wool, it also passes strict sustainability standards and ethical practices at our mill and is super thick for extra comfort.

Your Purchase helps, 1 blanket = 30 Kids with clean water
About Your Basotho Blanket
  • This authentic SeanaMarena Basotho heritage blanket has deep cultural significance to the Basotho nation. The design symbolizes fertility and growth. Its tight, thick weave is soft, warm, and repels rain and wind, just as it has been designed to do for over a century. The Basotho Heritage blanket is perfect for snuggling on the couch or lying on in the sun.
  • Design: SeanaMarena Poone or Corncob
  • Size: 61” x 65”
  • Style: Throw / Wrap / Blanket
  • Color: Scarlet and cobalt with black over stripe
  • Materials: 90% Weft 50% Merino Wool / 50% super soft, warm, lightweight, and hypoallergenic microfiber tight weave on a 10% Polycotton Warp.
  • Origin: Crafted in South Africa
Care Guide

    The Basotho blanket is fully machine washable. We recommend machine wash your blanket on a cool, gentle cycle and line-drying to preserve the fibers and color for full care guide check out our full care guide here

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    Thula Tula, pronounced with a silent "H" are the words to a Lullaby African mothers sing to their children. Translated, Thula Tula means "hush-hush" baby. Thula Tula was started by Steve and his wife, Angela. It is inspired by their daughter Venice and her Grandmother, Sheila, who passed away from Cancer in September 2018. Thula Tula was born out of the desire to honor her life and give back to the people of Africa. The land where she was born, lived, and loved. They hope to do her proud.